Why Decorated Apparel Is a Great Fundraiser

Branded Apparel and Spiritwear is a great fundraiser.  People want a shirt supporting their favorite school, team, or organization.  The team, club, or the entire school can make a nice profit off the apparel your folks want to buy and wear.  We do almost all the work for you at no extra cost. 

We Can Setup a Webstore For your organization

Don’t want to fool with collecting money or forms?  Great, we can set up a webstore for you at no extra cost.  All you have to do is direct folks to your webstore address and collect a nice check at the end of the sale.  We bag all orders individually for easy distribution.

We can create an order form for you

Rather do a traditional order form?  Great, we can create the form for you at no extra cost to you.  All you have to do is distribute the form, collect them at the end of the sale, and we will prepare all the garments and bag them by individual order for easy distribution.

Support a cause or person fundraising

Want to raise funds for a particular cause.  We can set up a webstore you can direct folks to to purchase that shirt to support the particular person or cause.  At the end of the sale collect a nice check for your cause.



We do tons of these type fundraisers and know what garments sell best and how to maximize your profits.  However, you make the final decisions as to what to charge, how long the sale runs etc.  Contact us today to set up the perfect fundraiser for your team, club, school, business, or cause.

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